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An Interdenominational Christian Charity

Old Rectory, Bolnhurst,Bedford, MK44 2ES
Reg Charity No.327398


photo of preserves stacked on a shelf

We make a wide variety of marmalades, jams and jellies as well as a selection of chutneys.

Our current preserves list gives details of all our available preserves. Preserve list

photo of marmalade in jars

We have 4 types of marmalade. Seville Orange marmalade is the most popular!

photo of jams in jars

Our jams are made from fruit grown in our grounds where possible.

 photo of speciality jams in hexagonal jars

Hedgerow jam is made from fruit and berries picked from the hedgerows and blended together to make a lovely flavoured jam.

photo of chutneys in hexagonal jars

We make several types of chutney.

photo of chillies in hexagonal jars

Our pickled chillies are home grown and very hot!



image of 3 people removing elderberries from their stalks

Fruit preparation

damsons being counted on a chart

We count the number of damsons that go into the jam and the number of stones we take out!

image of figgs being chopped

Figs chopped ready for fig jam

image of jam being jarred up

Jarring up the jam

image of oranges and pears being chopped

Oranges and pears being chopped ready for pear orange and date chutney.

image of tomatoes on a plant

Some of our tomatoes nearly ready for use in our sweet red pepper and tomato chutney.

image of chillies on a plant

Chillies growing in the greenhouse.

image of pears on a tree

Pears growing in the orchard.

image of figs on a tree

Figs growing on a tree.