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An Interdenominational Christian Charity

Old Rectory, Bolnhurst,Bedford, MK44 2ES                                                   
Reg Charity No.327398



The Seed Sowers Training Project has been running for more than 20 years, offering work based training in small friendly caring groups to adults with varied needs. These include those with a learning disability, mental health issues, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ex-offenders.

All our activities and programmes are based around our craft rooms, kitchens, gardens and greenhouses. They are designed to help participants progress towards independence, confidence and working capacity, within a safe and pleasant rural environment.

You may like to view our 25th Anniversary specially commissioned video which gives an example of what a day at The Stables is like. Part 1 shows Tuesday activities and Part 2 shows mainly Thursday activities.

Current Activities

Our 'working together' groups operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays and offer a chance to participate in a genuine work environment but allowing you the space and tranquillity to develop at a pace suitable for you. The groups will never total more than 12 on a day and are therefore particularly suitable for those who find it easier to cope in a smaller setting.

Tuesdays, 10am — 3pm

For those with a learning disability

You will work in a group of not more than 3 people. These will change from week to week so you have a chance to get to know everyone. You will have three working sessions, one in each of the garden, craft and kitchen departments. You will have a chance to try new things, but you will not be expected to do anything you find too difficult. A member of staff will be there to supervise at all times. You will keep a record of each session in your own portfolio, which you can take home at the end of the year. You will also get a report on your progress from the staff at the Centre.

Thursdays, 10am — 3pm

For those who currently experience barriers to employment due to mental health or other issues, including Aspergers

You will work in small groups (2-6 people). There will be three working sessions and there will be a mixture of outdoor and indoor work, although you will be able to choose which you would like to do more of. We try to fit tasks to your enjoyment and abilities, but you will also be encouraged to try new activities and, as in all workplaces, to share in the job of making high quality goods for sale. All training is given by our staff (or occasionally by others brought in) and no prior qualifications are necessary. You will keep a record of your activities in a personal diary and staff also record and assess your achievements. We are thus able to provide a work record and reference for those who hope to go on to employment elsewhere.

image of a man weeding a vegetable patch

Working in the garden

image of people working in the kitchen

Making marmalade

image of a man using a sewing machine

Using a sewing machine during a craft session