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An Interdenominational Christian Charity

Old Rectory, Bolnhurst,Bedford, MK44 2ES
Reg Charity No.327398



Coffee Shop - Thank You

Thank you for your support in 2018.  We look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

Our Coffee Shop Christmas Shopping Event in December very well, with many customers purchasing their Christmas presents from our range of crafts and preserves.  That's it for the Coffee Shop now until the Spring, but if you would still like to buy items from the Shop in the closed period, please give us a ring and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Keep an eye on this page to see other upcoming events.


January 2019: Welcomes and Farewells

We are pleased to welcome Lis who is replacing Louise as Client Group Supervisor

and Karen who is replacing Kate as Finance Officer.



Kate has been part of the Stables Staff group for many years, not only looking after the finances, but also working on the Thursday gardening team.  Kate was presented with gifts in recognition of her long-term support for the Project.




October 2018: Apple Stall

Did you miss our Apple Event, or just want to replenish your stock??  Well, now you can.  We have opened our Apple Stall just outside the Coffee Shop.

A wide variety of cookers and eaters available at £1 a bag, windfalls 20p a bag.

Drive in and buy any time.


September 2018: New Staff

We are pleased to welcome on board Chris, who started mid-August and is responsible for our outdoor and plant work.  He stepped into the role as though he had always been doing it, and his gardening expertise as well as his caring approach are doubly welcome.

We also welcome Erba who started from October as our Operations Manager.  She will be working closely with Ali and our core staff team to ensure the smooth running and healthy development of the project.



September 28th 2018: A Special Birthday!

Tinker the cat has just celebrated his 15th birthday (105 in human equivalent!)  He is still a very active cat and a pretty regular member of the gardening team.


August 31st 2018: A Sad Farewell

We said a sad farewell to one of our project managers, Liz Dobb, at the end of August.  Liz and her husband Roy have moved back up north to Alnwick for their retirement.  Liz has been with the project for 24 years, performing many different roles as it has evolved, and will continue to be much missed by staff and clients alike.


May 26-28th 2018: St Dunstan Flower Festival

We were pleased to take part in St Dunstan's Flower Festival earlier this year.

We quickly rolled up our sleeves and got dug in, helping to erecting marquees and working on perfecting our window display.

Here are just some of the images from the day.