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An Interdenominational Christian Charity

Old Rectory, Bolnhurst,Bedford, MK44 2ES                                                   
Reg Charity No.327398


Herbs and wildflowers

Each year we will have available a wide selection from the plants below. Please check our current year's propagation list for availability.

photograph Plant name Hardiness Duration Height Uses/Description Uses Care
Aconite Aconite
Winter Aconite - WF, !!
Aconite - Winter Hardy Perennial 30-60 cms Woodland plant; yellow flowers in January WF, !! Damp, shady soil; handle with gloves.
Warning:all parts of plant are toxic
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera - M
Aloe Vera Frost Tender Perennial up to 90cm Sap is used medicinally M Partial Shade
Anise Hyssop Anise Hyssop
Anise Hyssop - A,C,EB,M
Anise Hyssop Half Hardy Annual 30 cms Flowers attractive to bees & butterflies. Aniseed flavoured leaves in salads & pot pourri A,C,EB,M Rich, moist alkeline soil sun/sheltered
Angelica Angelica
Angelica - C, M
Angelica Hardy Biennial 90cm - 2m 40cm Decorative seed-heads, crystallise stems C,M Light shade, moist soil
Aquilegia Aquilegia
Aquilegia - WF
Aquilegia Hardy Perennial 30 - 100cm Elegant border plant; flowers April to July WF woodland plant; most soils
Balm of Gilead balm of gilead
Balm of Gilead - A,M
Balm of Gilead Half-Hardy Perennial 90cm -1m 20cm Decorative, pot pourri A,M Full sun, well-drained soil
Bay Bay
Bay - C
Bay Half-Hardy Perennial
7m if left unrestricted Flavour stews etc (remove before eating) C Full sun, rich soil Protect for 2 years
Bergamot-monard didyma Bergamot-monard didyma
Bergamot-monard didyma - C
Bergamot, Monarda didyma Hardy Perennial up to 1m The leaves can be used to make tisanes and combine well with fish and salad dishes. C,M Full sun, rich moist soil
Bergamot, Wild Bergamot, Wild
Bergamot, Wild - M
Bergamot, wild Hardy Perennial 90cm Flavouring tea, potpourris M,C Sun, moist soil
Bird's Foot Trefoil Bird's Foot Trefoil
Bird's Foot Trefoil - WF
Birds Foot Trefoil Hardy Perennial 30cm One of the best nectar plants for bees WF full sun
Burnet salad Burnet salad
Burnet, Salad- C, M
Burnet, Salad Hardy Perennial 30 - 45cm Leaves can be tossed into salads or used on sandwiches.  A nice addition to cold drinks, like lemonade and wine spritzers. C,M any moist soil
Campion, Red Campion, Red
Campion, Red - WF, EB
Campion, Red Hardy Perennial 60cm Excellent plant to naturalise in grass WF, EB Open woodland & meadows
Campion, White Campion, White
Campion, White - WF, EB
Campion, White Hardy Perennial 60cm Excellent plant to naturalise in grass WF, EB Open woodland & meadows
Catmint Catmint
Catmint - D, EB
Catmint Hardy Perennial 30 - 45cm Attractive edging plant, flowers late spring - early autumn D,EB Sunny, well-drained soil
Catnip Catnip
Catnip- A,C,M
Catnip Hardy Perennial 45 - 90cm Bee plant, attractive to cats A,C,M Sun/light shade, well drained soil
Chamomile, Dyers Chamomile, Dyers
Chamomile, Dyers- D, EB
Chamomile, Dyers Hardy Perennial 1m Used as a dye D,EB Cut back hard after flowering
Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Roman
Chamomile, Roman - A, C, M
Chamomile, Roman Hardy Perennial 15 - 30cm flowers are used in potpourris and tea A, C, M full sun, will tolerate a light frost
Chives, Common Chives, Common
Chives, Common - A, C
Chives, Common Hardy Perennial 45cm Leaves and flowers have onion flavour. Use in salads etc. A,C Sunny/partial shade, Rich moist well-drained soil
Chives, Garlic Chives, Garlic
Chives, Garlic - A, C
Chives, Garlic Hardy Perennial 40cm Leaves and flowers have mild garlic flavour. Use in salads etc. A,C Sun/shade, Rich moist  soil
Cicely,Sweet Cicely,Sweet
Cicely,Sweet - C
Cicely, Sweet Hardy Perennial 90cm Culinary, Cook leaf with tart fruits C, M Light shade, rich soil
Clove Pink Clove Pink
Clove Pink - C, A
Clove Pink Hardy Biennial 30cm Flower petals -use in salad & for potpourri C, A Sun and well-drained alkaline soil
Comfrey Comfrey
Comfrey - EB, M
Comfrey Hardy Perennial 1m Leaves good for compost or liquid plant feed EB,M,C Full sun, position carefully as hard to eradicate
Coriander - Vietnamese Coriander - Vietnamese
Coriander - Vietnamese - C
Coriander - Vietnamese Protect well in winter Tropical Perennial 60-90cm Very strong aromatic flavour, add just before serving C Full sun, well drained soil. Treat as a house plant in winter.
Cotton Lavender Cotton Lavender
Cotton Lavender- C, M
Cotton Lavender Hardy Perennial 45cm Decorative, potpourris, deters moths C,M,D Full sun, well drained soil, preferably sandy
Cowslip Cowslip
Cowslip- C, M, WF
Cowslip Hardy Perennial 13 - 23cm Excellent plant to naturalise in grass. Flowers in wine making. C,WF Semi-shade or sun
Curry Plant Curry Plant
Curry Plant- A, C
Curry Plant Half-Hardy Perennial 45cm Add a sprig to stews, soups etc for mild curry flavour, remove before serving A,C,D Sun/half-shade, well drained soil
Daisy, Ox-eye Daisy, Ox-eye
Daisy, Ox-eye - WF, C
Daisy, Oxeye Hardy Perennial 20-70cm Excellent plant to naturalise in grass or cottage garden. Leaves may be used in salads WF, C sun & most soils
Evening Primrose Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose - C, M
Evening Primrose Hardy Biennial 90cm - 1m 80cm Medicinal,cosmetic, decorative, cooking C,M Sun, well-drained soil
Fennel, Bronze Fennel, Bronze
Fennel, Bronze - A, C
Fennel, Bronze Hardy Perennial 1.5-2m Use leaves & seeds in savoury dishes A,C Rich, well-drained soil
Fennel, Green Fennel, Green
Fennel, Green - A, C
Fennel, Green Hardy Perennial 1.5-2m Use leaves & seeds in savoury dishes A,C Rich, well-drained soil
Feverfew,  golden Feverfew,  golden
Feverfew, golden - EB, M
Feverfew (Golden) Hardy Perennial up to1m Attractive in beds & borders EB,M Sunny, dry, well-drained soil
foxgloves foxglove
Foxglove - WF, !!
Foxglove Hardy Biennial 50cm - 1m 50cm Borders, wild flower garden  WF, !!  (whole plant is poisonous) Sun or shade, prefers well-drained acid soil
Garlic, wild ramsons Garlic, wild ramsons
Garlic, wild ramsons- C, M
Garlic, Wild Ramsons Hardy Perennial up to 45cm Flowers & young leaves in salad & savoury dishes C, M open aspect, most soils
Harebell Harebell
Harebell - WF
Harebell Hardy Perennial 12 - 30cm Native wild flower Good plant to naturalise in short grass WF open aspect, most soils
Heartsease Heartsease
Heartsease - C, EB
Heartsease Hardy Annual 15 - 25cm Edible flower, add to salads C, EB grows in most soils
Horseradish Horseradish
Horseradish- C, EB
Horseradish Hardy Perennial 60cm Tiny white flowers in Spring, Harvest roots in Autumn C,EB invasive
Houseleek houseleek
Houseleek EB, M
Houseleek Hardy Perennial 5 - 8cm Traditionally grown on porches or roofs EB,M Sunny dry site,
Hyssop Hyssop
Hyssop A, C, D
Hyssop Hardy Perennial 60-90cm Attracts bees A,C,D Full sun, light, well-drained, alkaline soil
Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder M, WF
Jacob's Ladder Hardy Perennial 60 - 90cm Medicinal, border plant M, WF Easy, moist soils
Lady's Mantle Lady's Mantle
Lady's Mantle M
Lady's Mantle Hardy Perennial 15 - 50cm Decorative, salads, teas (leaves only) M Sun/part shade, rich soil
Lavender, English Lavender, English
Lavender, English A, C, D, M
Lavender, English Hardy Perennial up to 60cm depending on variety Excellent for low hedge, border, edging
Use flowers in sweet & savoury dishes. Flowers for pot pourri
A,C,D,M grow in full sun
Lavender - French Lavender, French
Lavender, French A, C, D, M
Lavender, French Half-Hardy Perennial 60cm Scented leaves, good for hedging A,C,D,M Sunny, well-drained soil
Lemon Balm (Variegated) Lemon Balm (Variegated)
Lemon Balm (Variegated) A, C
Lemon Balm, variegated Hardy Perennial 60cm Lemon scented leaves used in cooking A,C Sun/part-shade, Cut back in autumn
Lemon Grass Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass C, M
Lemon grass Tender Perennial up to 1.5m Lemon scented tea herb, very popular in stir fry C, M Do not over water in winter, Frost tender, bring indoors in winter
Lemon Verbena Lemon Verbena
Lemon Verbena A, C, M
Lemon Verbena Half-Hardy Deciduous
up to 1.5m Potpourris, slads icecream
tea used as a seditive
A,C,M Poor soil, full sun, protect from frost
Lovage Lovage
Lovage C
Lovage Hardy Perennial 1m 80cm celery scented leaves. Use in savoury dishes C Sun/part-shade, rich, moist, well-drained soil
Mace, English</ Mace, English
Mace, English C, D
Mace, English Hardy Perennial 30-45cm mild flavoured leaves used in soups and stews C,D sunny site well drained soil
Marjoram- golden Marjoram- golden
Marjoram - golden C, EB
Marjoram, Golden Hardy Perennial approx 45cm In mixed herbs for stuffing, with meat, and vegetables C,EB sunny site well drained soil
Marjoram - Pot Marjoram - Pot
Marjoram - Pot C, EB
Marjoram, Pot Hardy Perennial approx 45cm use in stuffing for meat and veg C,EB sunny site well drained soil
Marjoram - Sweet Marjoram - Sweet
Marjoram - Sweet A, C
Marjoram, Sweet Half-Hardy Perennial 30cm Cooking, salads, deters flies
Best variety for flavour
A,C sunny site well drained soil
Meadow Cranesbill Meadow Cranesbill
Meadow Cranesbill WF
Meadow Cranesbill Hardy Perennial 60 - 75cm Flowering herb WF Sunny, well-drained soil
Meadow Sweet Meadow Sweet
Meadow Sweet M, C
Meadow Sweet Hardy Perennial up to 1.2m Pot Pouris
Flowers used in wine & beers & also add to stewed fruit
M, C Sunny, well-drained soil
Apple Mint Apple Mint
Apple Mint A, C
Mint, Apple Hardy Perennial 80cm good for mint sauce A,C sun/shade, rich soil
Banana Mint Banana Mint
Banana Mint A, C
Mint, Banana Hardy Perennial 45cm leaves have hint of banana flavour A,C sun/shade, rich soil
Mint, Basil Mint, Basil
Mint, Basil A, C
Mint, Basil Hardy Perennial 30 - 60cm Aromatic herb used to flavour sweet and savoury dishes A,C Sun/shade, moist rich soil
Mint, Chocolate Peppermint Mint, Chocolate Peppermint
Mint, Chocolate Peppermint A, C
Mint, Chocolate Peppermint Hardy Perennial 40cm Add to puddings, summer drinks and tea A,C Rich soil in partial shade
Mint, Corsican Mint, Corsican
Mint, Corsican A
Mint, Corsican Hardy Perennial  ground hugging Strong scent, ideal in rockery/paving A Moist soil/shade
Mint, Curly Mint, Curly
Mint, Curly A,C
Mint, Curly Hardy Perennial 45 - 60cm spearmint flavour. Use in summer jellies A,C Rich moist soil in partial shade
Mint, eau de cologne Mint, eau de cologne
Mint, Eau de cologne A,C
Mint, Eau de Cologne Hardy Perennial 60-80cm use in fruit dishes. lemon & orange overtones A,C Sun/shade, rich soil
Mint, Ginger Mint, Ginger
Mint, Ginger A,C
Mint, Ginger Hardy Perennial 50cm add to salads & fruit salads A,C Sun/shade, rich soil
Mint, Moroccan Mint, Moroccan
Mint, Moroccan A,C
Mint, Moroccan Hardy Perennial 40cm Excellent spearmint flavour good for mint sauce A,C Sun/shade, rich soil
Mint, Pennyroyal Mint, Pennyroyal creeping
Mint, Pennyroyal A,M
Mint, Pennyroyal creeping Hardy Perennial 5cm Decongestant, insect repellent, strongly peppermint scented
A,M good groundcover in cracks in paving
Mint, Peppermint Mint, Peppermint
Mint, Peppermint A,C,M
Mint, Peppermint Hardy Perennial 40cm Infusion to aid digestion A,C,M Sun/shade, moist soil
Mint, Pineapple Mint, Pineapple
Mint, Pineapple A,C,D
Mint, Pineapple Hardy Perennial 45-50cm Seasoning, fragrance, ornamental A,C,D Sun/shade, moist soil
Mint, Silver Mint, Silver
Mint, Silver A, EB
Mint, Silver Hardy Perennial 30 - 60cm Aromatic, attracts butterflies A,EB Partial shade/sun, rich soil
Mint, garden, spearmint Mint, garden-spearmint
Mint, garden-spearmint A,C
Mint, Spearmint /garden Hardy Perennial 60cm good spearmint flavour leaves good for mint sauce A,C Sun/shade, moist soil
Mint, Swiss Mint, Swiss
Mint, Swiss A,C,M
Mint, Swiss Hardy Perennial 50cm strongly peppermint scented leaves A,C,M Sun/shade, moist soil
Oregano, Greek Oregan - greek
Oregan - Greek A,C,EB
Oregano, Greek Hardy Perennial 45cm very aromatic leaves. Excellent to cook with A,C,EB full sun/well drained soil
Oregano - hot & spicey Oregan - hot & spicey
Oregan - hot & spicey A,C,EB
Oregano, Hot & Spicey Hardy Perennial 60cm Hot strong spicey leaves, use in cooking A,C,EB full sun/well drained soil
Parsley, Curled Parsley, Curled
Parsley, Curled C
Parsley, Curled Hardy Biennial 40cm parsley sauce, stuffing & salad C fertile soil. Sun/partial shade
Parsely- French Parsley, French
Parsley, French C
Parsley, French Hardy Biennial 60cm parsley sauce, stuffing & salad
French parsley has a strong flavour
C fertile soil. Sun/partial shade
Primrose Primrose
Primrose EB,M,WF
Primrose Hardy Perennial 8 - 15cm Attractive to bees and butterflies. Excellent plant to naturalise in grass EB,M,WF Moist soil, Semi-shade or sun
Ragged Robin Ragged Robin
Ragged Robin WF
Ragged Robin Hardy Perennial 30 - 60cm Native plant of woods and damp meadows, red flowers. Naturalise in grassland WF moist soil, sun/partial shade
Rosemary Rosemary
Rosemary A,C,M
Rosemary Hardy Perennial 1 - 2m Use to flavour lamb, pork or potatoes A,C,M Requires excellent drainage, sunny
Sage, Blackcurrant Sage, Blackcurrant
Sage, Blackcurrant A,EB
Sage, Blackcurrant Half hardy Perennial 30 - 60cm Attractive border plant potpourri A,EB Protect from cold & wet in winter
Sage, Golden Sage, golden
Sage, golden A,C,M
Sage, Golden Hardy Perennial 45cm mild flavour. May be used in savoury dishes A,C,M well drained soil in full sun
Sage, Green Sage, green
Sage, green A,C,M
Sage, Green Hardy Perennial 60cm Seasoning, fragrance A,C,M Well-drained soil, in full sun
Sage, Pineapple Sage, pineapple
Sage, pineapple A,C,EB
Sage, Pineapple Half-Hardy Perennial 30 - 60cm Pineapple flavoured leaves A,C,EB Treat as conservatory plant in winter
Sage, Purple Sage, purple
Sage, purple A,C,M
Sage, Purple Half-Hardy Perennial 60cm Seasoning, fragrance, teas A,C,M Fertile well-drained soil
Sage, Tricolour Sage, tricolour
Sage, tricolour A,C,M
Sage, Tricolour Half-Hardy Perennial 40cm Decorative A,C,M Full sun, light soil
Savoury - Summer Savoury - Summer
Savoury - Summer A,C,EB
Savory Summer Hardy Annual 30 - 45cm Excellent flavouring for savoury dishes A,C,EB Full sun, light soil
Savoury- winter Savoury - Winter
Savoury - Winter A,C,EB
Savory Winter Hardy Perennial 30cm Excellent flavouring for savoury dishes A,C,EB Full sun, light soil
Snowdrop - double Snowdrop - double
Snowdrop - double WF
Snowdrop, double Hardy Perennial 15-25cm excellent wild flower to naturalise in shade WF soil rich in leaf mould
Snowdrop - single Snowdrop - single
Snowdrop - single WF
Snowdrop, single Hardy Perennial 15-25cm excellent wild flower to naturalise in shade WF oil rich in leaf mould
Soapwort Soapwort
Soapwort EB,M
Soapwort Hardy Perennial 45 - 90cm Aromatic, revives old fabric, DO NOT EAT ROOT EB,M Sun/light shade, rich soil
Sorrel Sorrel
Sorrel C,EB
Sorrel, broadleaf Hardy Perennial 45cm Use leaves to make soup C,EB sun/partial shade
moist soil
Sorrel Sorrel, buckler leaf
Sorrel C
Sorrel, buckler leaf Hardy Perennial 30cm Use leaves to make soup C sun/partial shade
moist soil
Southernwood Southernwood
Southernwood A,M
Southernwood Hardy Perennial 90cm Moth repellent A,M Sunny, well drained site
St John's wort St John's wort
St John's wort M
St John's Wort Hardy Perennial 30cm - 90cm Dyes, harmful if eaten M Sun/shade, moist soils
strawberry, wild strawberry, wild
strawberry, wild C,M
Strawberry, Wild Hardy Perennial 20cm Fruit, good ground cover, leaves for pot pourri C,M Cool sun or shade, moist alkaline soil
Tarragon - French Tarragon - French
Tarragon - French C
Tarragon, French Half-Hardy Perennial 30cm Seasoning, vinegars C Fertile well-drained soil
Thyme - All Year Round Thyme - All Year Round
Thyme - All Year Round A, C, EB
Thyme, All Year Round Hardy Evergreen Perennial 8cm Large leaf with good flavour. Use in soups and stews and other savoury dishes A,C,EB Full sun, well-drained site
Thyme - broadleaved Thyme - broadleaved
Thyme - broadleaved A, C, EB
Thyme, Broadleaved Hardy Perennial 8cm leaves have a strong thyme flavour. Use in savoury dishes A,C,EB Sunny, well-drained site
Thyme, Cilician Thyme, Cilician
Thyme, Cilician A, D, EB
Thyme, Cilician Hardy Perennial 10 - 15cm Excellent in rockeries, fragrant leaves used for flavouring A,D,EB Plant in soil with good drainage and position in full sun
Thyme- common Thyme- common
Thyme, common A, C, M
Thyme, Common Hardy Perennial 30cm Culinary, ornamental A,C,M Ordinary well-drained soil, trim freely to maintain shape
Thyme - Jamacan broadleaf Thyme- Jamacan broadleaf
Thyme, Jamacan broadleaf C
Thyme, Jamaican broadleaf Frost Tender Perennial 30cm-100cm Culinary, Succulent leaves used in savoury dishes, good with chicken, fish, risotto C Makes a good house plant
Thyme- lemon Thyme - lemon
Thyme, lemon A, C, EB
Thyme, Lemon   Evergreen perennial 5cm Good culinary thyme with chicken and fish A,C,EB Prefers sunny well-drained slightly alkaline soil
Thyme- minimus Thyme - minimus
Thyme, minimus A, C, EB
Thyme, Minimus Hardy Perennial 5cm Salads, soups, stews, sauces, stuffings, and meat dishes A,C,EB good ground cover or grow in cracks in paving
Thyme- pink ripple Thyme - pink ripple
Thyme, Pink Ripple A, C, EB
Thyme, Pink Ripple Hardy Perennial 15cm lemon flavoured leaves - use in salads, soups & stews A,C,EB sun & well drained soil
Thyme- woolly Thyme - woolly
Thyme, woolly EB
Thyme, Woolly Hardy Perennial 2 cm good rockery plant EB Prefers a well-drained alkaline soil in full sun
Toadflax - common yellow Toadflax - common yellow
Toadflax - common yellow M,EB
Toadflax, common yellow Hardy Perennial up to 80cm Flowers are a dye plant. Traditional medicinal herb. M, EB sun/shade well drained soils
Tree Onion Tree Onion
Tree Onion C, M
Tree Onion Hardy Perennial 90-100cm Use as spring onion in salads and stri fries C,M Fertile soil
Valerian,red Valerian,red
Valerian, Red EB, D, M
Valerian, Red Hardy Perennial 75cm Garden plant EB,D,M Easy - along hedges or borders, any soil
Welsh Onion Welsh Onion
Welsh Onion, C, M
Welsh Onion Hardy Perennial 38cm Stems used like chives as a garnish, bulbs used like shallots for stews and pickling C,M Rich soil in a sunny spot
Yarrow Yarrow
Yarrow, M, WF
Yarrow Hardy Perennial 30 - 90cm Decorative (flowers), culinary (leaves) M,WF Sun/light shade, rich , moist soil
Zwolsche Zwolsche
Zwolsche Krul, C
Zwolsche Krul Hardy Perennial 30 - 60cm Excellent for salads, soups, stews and drying C Well-drained soil, light shade

Key to use

  • A = Aromatic
  • C = Culinary
  • D = Decorative
  • EB = Enhances Biodiversity
  • M = Medicinal
  • WF = Wild Flower
  • !! = Warning, poisonous if ingested


These letters denote a history of use, however the medicinal herbs (M) should NOT be used without professional guidance