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An Interdenominational Christian Charity

Old Rectory, Bolnhurst,Bedford, MK44 2ES                                                   
Reg Charity No.327398


Bolnhurst Stables Trust

 The Bolnhurst Stables Trust is an interdenominational Christian charity founded in 1986 which has since that time sponsored a number of projects. The Seed Sowers Training Project which started over 20 years ago is the longest running of our activities.

Our aims are to promote and witness to the Christian faith and way of life, particularly in relation to social issues, and to offer practical help and friendship to those on the margins of society.

Projects in the past and present have offered work experience and support particularly to ex-offenders, those with a mental illness, those with a learning disability and others with special needs.

The grounds are managed to encourage a wide variety of wild plants and natural habitats. We also grow herbs and fruit - without chemicals whenever possible. Apart from plant sales, our own herbs and fruit are used in making our preserves and craft products, which are for sale in our shop and elsewhere.

Trustees are from a number of local families, and are members of churches of different denominations. Staff and volunteers are either members of local churches, or in sympathy with the aims of the Centre.


Photo of the wellhouse